Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Where Has the Time Gone ?

I am quickly going to publish these and continue the update on another posting because my computer is acting strange and I am afraid of losing everything. Got more to show you so til later enjoy.

May, I attended a play both Adia and Avery were in
" Samson Brings the House Down"
It was too cute and they both did awesome in their parts. But I must admit Adia played the part of a "ditzy angel" just to good to be thinking she was acting.

Bubba and Papa working on their relationship. Right now it tends to be a real love / hate relationship. Bubba has his moods that don't coinside with Papa's and feather's fly. So it's always kiss and make-up with them.

My big 6-0 and Tammy got me this special birthday cake to celebrate !
(she's an undeniable daddy's girl - she thought she was so funny)

Adrian bought me a couple of miniature donkeys "He-Ho & Rory"
nicknames given to us by our cousin Jack.
(of course he had plenty of "Ass" jokes prepared to go along with them)
This is the cutest one "Rory" that was my nickname.
they are both very sweet, people friendly, and yes they bray very loudly and
they are boosom buddies.

After the donkeys he then took me for a ride up the coast through the Redwoods and we stayed at Cache Creek Casino the first night. Adrian had a full service message & facial waiting for me while he played Texas Hold'em. Then we had a nice dinner and I played the penny slots and won a $2,000 Jack Pot (that I got to keep - after all it was part of my birthday). Then the next day we stayed at a cottage in Little River with a beautiful view of the ocean.

Then the Ben-Bow Inn in the Redwoods.
Both places were quaint, had beautiful views and excellent restuarants.

Then we drove through the "Avenue of the Giant Redwoods" every bit of it. Adrian was getting restless one tree was the same as the next for him but it was all overwhelmingly
beautiful for me .

Poor Bubba, he misses Tammy so much. He just can't love on her enough. He thinks she is his "soul mate". No wonder he doesn't like Marc around and is so mean to him. He will only cuddle with her and regurgitate for her (something Macaws do for their mates only, I am glad he doesn't like me like that).

Papa helping the new little kittens & the mama he found inside a water meter hole while donkey shopping . Someone had dumped them so Papa rescued them and brought them home. The kittens were pretty healthy but poor mama cat she was so thin trying to take care of her babies but now she is much better. Now the kitty count is up to 11.

July 2nd a very special day for our birthday girl "Erin" at Gilroy Gardens to
celebrate her 3rd birthday.

Lauren & Adia on "Sally, baby watch" sleeping out for two nights awaiting baby's arrival

7/11 at 4:30pm Sally started labor (I will spare you all the detailed pictures of the birthing process we were all so excited to get to watch from beginning to end)

Everyone is so excited the baby has arrived approximately 5:30pm and Papa is anxiously waiting for the opportunity to find out if he got the colt he wanted or another filly.

Surprise ! Papa got another little filly. Her name is SHASTA.

Papa was diappointed that he didn't get his colt but now he is so proud of his little filly, Shasta. He takes her on daily walks morning and night. She's already wearing her halter and follows on a lead rope (which makes her very smart for a two month old). She loves to have her head and neck scratched and will follow you everywhere once you start - she just can't get enough.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Training the animals to be "Kid Friendly"

It takes lots of hands on loving from everyone to make kid friendly animals. Everyone takes their job seriously. Some times I don't know which is funnier the kids or the animals with all the mischief that goes on between them.

Tammy loving on little Samson getting him used to people .
Oops! just a little friendly "horsey play" .
Nothing serious, he just wants Lauren to run and play tag "she's it"!

Brooke is taking bunny holding instructions very serious.
Hold the bunny very close but not to tight.
Erin says the bunny "likes me" ! Papa's favorite bunny

Erin says don't forget to hold the chicks ! She found her favorite one.
Brooke walking & training Sally in the small round pen. She takes her job
very serious and insists she can do it herself and doesn't need any help.

Adia loving on her horse "Sierra" . Sierra loves attention & is very curious.

Lauren walks the goats an important job to get them used to the kids.
Wearing the smaller horse's halter upside down makes for great goat halters too!

Sometimes you just gotta come dressed for the dirty work.
Erin is ready

There is bathing the horse that sometimes gets you just as wet.

Then there's the pooper scoopers. Brooke & Erin's favorite job. Right now they still think its fun.

Grandma's job is to keep the camera charged and ready for any kodak moments. Believe me there are plenty of them. All these little kids & baby animals are a great mix. Some one is always getting loose and you have to catch them before the dogs get to them because they think everything is a new chew toy for them. Something is always happening and we are enjoying every minute of it. It's hard to stay in the house and get anything done.

Monday, May 11, 2009


Papa is out of control when he goes to the feed store! We went to replace "a" sick chick because we must maintain 16. I think papa's counter is off. We came back with two to replace one and before we got out the door we added 3 dwarf bunnies. One adult, on papa's shoulder and two white babies on Lauren's and best friend, Mia's shoulder. Now he says he would like one male bunny. Not a good idea! I just found out they can reproduce in 30 days (3 females - 30 days - how many each time? I do not know but I am sure it would be way to many, way to fast). .

Although I am grateful to how happy these animals make him and the enjoyment he gets from them, papa is not allowed to go to the feed store anymore. He needs to make a list and someone else will go pick-up the supplies for him. Now I just have to figure how can I possibly enforce this.

A glimpse of why we called this the Lazy "H" Ranch ...Lazy humans, hounds & horses

lazy cats too,

Max says "no worries" he's on guard

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Adia arrived on Saturday, April 25th, energetic, alert and ready to assist with delivery. After all she already has experience from two of her sibling's births. So "baby watch" began. Patches had all the signs that her due date had arrived. Adia checked for her milk...
Took her temperature...

Gave Patches back massages

Readied herself for a " babywatch" sleepover

After the second night and no baby Adia was "pooped!"Unfortunately, grandma had to take Adia home Wednesday night for schooling and a Volleyball tournament on Saturday. We begged Patches to wait til we returned on Sunday. Patches did wait til Sunday but not quite late enough. She gave birth on May 3, 2009, at 2:30 a.m. to a 24inch "little filly" we named Samantha after her father, Samson (29"). It wasn't til Monday papa realized that Samanatha was really a "colt" , and gave him a new name, Samson, Jr.
Day two, and it looks like Samson is going to keep mom on her toes.

Sally, will be delivering our next baby, due July 7, 2009